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Return of the angry Arts student

We don’t perceive Arts students as failures because they are failures. We do so because we define the Arts stream as a place for those who are failures. We have marked the Arts stream as a trashcan where academic rejects go, and in the eyes of the great Indian education system, an academic reject is anyone who does not fare well in Science subjects.

Hinduphobia in India is mostly imaginary

Minorities suffer under majoritarian influence everywhere. But the description of these sufferings shouldn’t be allowed to be used willy-nilly by anyone anywhere. These definitions are deeply context-dependent.

India is in a toxic relationship

Here is something that might be difficult to swallow for those of us on the right side of history. India loves Modi. There is no point being in denial about it. And it doesn’t mean there is anything pure about this love. Love is often toxic, as it is in this case. But we will never solve the problem if we don’t have a clear understanding of what the problem is. And our problem is that India loves Modi.