More than human

The red-eyed man climbed the tall mountain to seek the wisdom of the master.

“Help me,” he said when they met. “Whenever the moon is full in the sky, the night calls to me and I start turning into a half-man, half-wolf creature – a werewolf. I fight hard but there is no conquering the frenzy that takes me over. I spend the night skulking in frustration, attacking people, and scaring away my own family.”

“So what do you want?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” the man said in frustration. “Something is wrong with me. I want a cure!”

The master rolled his eyes like someone who had met men like this a thousand times already. “You become half a wolf because you fear becoming a full wolf. When the moon is full next, don’t fight it. Let the frenzy take over. Let it make you what it will.”

“That…” the man gasped. “That’s not normal.”

“Nothing is normal. Normal is a lie. The night calls to everyone. It whispers a different story to each one who lies awake. Few listen. Some force themselves into sleep or lock themselves up. Some, like you, fight it and suffer the pain of indecision. Those that listen become their true selves.”

“And my true self is a wolf?”

“Seems like it. But perhaps you are more. Perhaps the wolf is the first step in your journey.”

When the red-eyed man responded with silence, the master added, “The greatest lie they ever told you was that you are only human.”

The red-eyed man sat up and listened. Inside him, a dragon flapped its wings.