On allowing women to do things

You don’t hear of men being “allowed” to do, be, and exist because you have internalised the idea that women are property. You don’t talk about it in those terms perhaps, but the values laid down by your religion (any religion) are patriarchal in flavour.

Not all things are equally wrong

Theft and murder are both wrong, but they aren’t equally wrong. Spitting in someone’s living room and burning their house down are both wrong but they aren’t equally wrong. Wiping your wet hands on the curtain is wrong, but it is not as wrong as nuking a country.

The affordability of cynicism

Whenever we hear arguments about the fight against discrimination being futile, or the fight against inequality being a wild goose chase, pay attention to who is predicting this seemingly inevitable defeat. You might find that it is someone who is not affected by it.

The Phantom was racist

The only acceptable way to revive the Phantom is acknowledging its deeply racist roots and consciously abandoning them to head in a new direction altogether. The Phantom’s origin story is devoid of cultural context and drenched in “White Man’s Burden” thinking.

What we forget when we demand jobs

The assumption is that jobs are the only way to sustain oneself and one’s family. And for the most part, given the present state of our economics, this is true. But it is also clear to see that equating jobs with wealth and sustenance is a limited way of seeing things.

The colonial roots of Star Trek

There is a kind of heroism associated with the memory of imperialism. The British Empire is seen, by many even today, as a period of glory and triumph. Such remembrance is held not only among the descendants of the White men who colonized Africa and Asia, but also many who were at the receiving end of their advances. People remember fondly all the things that the British remember themselves as “boldly” doing in “strange new worlds”.

Sorry, but you can’t write like me

Most writers don’t know anything about teaching. Most writers will not be able to teach you anything. Many of them are honest enough to add disclaimers such as “this is not a writing manual, it’s just how I do things”. Some writers who are teaching writing aren’t that honest and sell their personal routines as manuals for others to follow. The funny thing about this is that I am not even sure if these writers know that they are being disingenuous.